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Strategies and tips for coping with #Covid19

WomanUp has created a resource which offers strategies and tips to help you cope with the professional and personal challenges you are likely to be facing as a result of #Covid19.

The articles are written by senior professional women who have been involved in the delivery of WomanUp’s Female Leadership Programme, which aims to build leadership skills among high potential women. That said, we firmly believe these articles are as relevant to men as they are to women.

It is being launched this week in partnership with, the website which provides information, resources and help for Irish  business owners and managers and which is powered by Bank of Ireland. will be publishing a series of articles written by members of the WomanUp team which address the very real issues professionals are facing -- coping with stress, juggling work and family responsibilities from home, feeling isolated, coping with people who are increasingly irritable or being besieged by negativity in the media and on our phones. 

Leaders need to create stability and hope during this tumultuous time

The first article in the series has been written by WomanUp Co-Founder Carol Bolger and considers the leadership attributes necessary to lead in a crisis such as Covid19.  Understanding what you can and cannot control is essential, she writes. Read the full article here.


WomanUp has created the #CopingWithCovid19 hashtag to aggregate the content and facilitate sharing and engagement with the themes.

Each article addresses the very real and difficult dilemmas we are facing every day. The authors draw on their expertise and experience in leadership consultancy, executive coaching, corporate governance, facilitation, media strategy and nurturing high performance teams to give context but, more importantly, provide solutions and practical tips to the everyday realities of coping with Covid19.

Our ambition in launching #CopingWithCovid19 is to enable a wider professional audience to draw on the tools and techniques we recommend for building resilience, in particular, and also strategies that are known to contribute to effective leadership. We want this to contribute even in a small way to reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing during the most difficult time in living memory.

We want these articles to reach as wide an audience as possible. Please help us to do this, by sharing them through your social channels, LinkedIn in particular, and by offering your solutions or perspectives. If you have any queries about these resources, please contact WomanUp.

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