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How to advance in your career if your boss won’t help

The workplace of today has changed from the days of secure positions and training trajectories for all staff. And in no department is this felt more acutely than in IT, still seen as the ‘new’ department in the business.

The facts are clear: 79% of employees who quit their jobs do so due to a lack of appreciation by supervisors. So, if your boss doesn’t offer you the appreciation you feel you deserve, or there’s no training on offer to help you progress in your career, your only choice is to take the reins of your career path yourself.

You may think that to advance in your career, you need to pursue expensive training courses. Last year’s “What Workers Want Report 2019” from Hays Ireland showed that 63% of Irish employees are covering the cost of their own upskilling and training.

Of course, the right training course at the right time can be a boost to your career prospects. But you don’t necessarily need to fork out large amounts of cash to improve your CV right now.

We’ve all heard of creating a personal brand on social media but have you considered doing so for your career too?

Personal branding is a real differentiator at your next performance review or in a job search. No one else can claim the exact same brand as you. It’s completely unique to you. Dig deep and start formulating all the qualities that differentiate you from others doing the same kind of work.

You can do this by demonstrating a clear grasp of your skills, professional development history and your ‘soft’ skill strengths.

At ICS we have developed a tool that can help you quantify and qualify exactly these skills against international standards, giving you the proof you need to show you are ready to take the next step in your career.

Manage your career, manage your brand with CareerPlus

Our intuitive tool is called CareerPlus. Your technical IT skills will be assessed against the European standard, the e-Competence Framework, and your business and ‘soft’ skills are assessed against the ICS Transversal Skills Framework.

CareerPlus will help you measure and describe your competences against a recognised European standard. You’ll also be able to match your skills against 30 common IT job profiles, to see how far you match towards a new career path. You’ll find out any skills you need to work on to be able to progress to the next level.

You can use the CPD tracker to record your achievements in both informal and formal learning.

The professional profile you’ll build up will ultimately help you communicate your skills and knowledge to grab that promotion, new job or project you want to manage.

Don’t forget – professional development covers much more than just training courses. Webinars, seminars, reading reports, attending conferences or meetups are all valuable demonstrators of your career development.

As an ICS member, we also offer you a wide range of free professional development to fill up your CPD tracker, helping you to advance in your career at no additional cost. Avail of free monthly events and webinars as well as online resources right here.

Not yet a member?

We’re so sure you’ll see the benefits of CareerPlus that we’re offering three months free membership to get you well on your way to analysing your skills, and to give you a taster of our free events.

Sign up at to activate your free membership.

How to use CareerPlus

CareerPlus is a free benefit to members. Login to your member account here to access the CPD tracker. To access the skills assessment tool, click here.

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