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A new declaration on IT Professionalism

A new declaration on IT Professionalism was made by the ICS CIO Advisory board on behalf of the ICS CIO Forum at the recent ICS Leaders Conference.

It is no secret that almost 40% of companies trying to recruit IT professionals in Europe report difficulties in finding skilled workers. Clearly, we have to create the right framework to attract fresh talent to the IT sector, but we must also act urgently to improve the skills and professionalism of the workers already in the sector.

IT Professionalism Europe (“ITPE”) is a network of organisations who are interested in and committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe and promoting best practice in managing IT staff. 

The e-CF is a strong component of this and will represent the initial focus of ITPE. IT professionalism encompasses not only competence development, skills frameworks and standards but also key topics such as education and training (certification, qualifications, continuous professional development), professional ethics and bodies of knowledge. 

The first signatories of the declaration were representatives of the ICS CIO Advisory board (pictured l-r - Barry Lowry - Government CIO, Sean Keavey - CIO, Department of Agriculture, Colm Gartlan - CIO, Norbrook Laboratories, Kevin Sweeney - CIO, Intuition Publishing and Jim Friars - CEO, Irish Computer Society.

We encourage all Irish IT Professional to commit to this declaration as a statement of our commitment to making Ireland the safest most ethical place in the world to do IT.

Here's the full declaration for you to read:

Declaration on IT Professionalism in Ireland

The ICS CIO Forum is a network of Ireland’s most senior IT leaders working in the public and private sector.

We the ICS CIO Forum members endorse the objectives and strategy of the IT Professionalism Europe (“ITPE”) initiative ( and commit to supporting its efforts at a national and local level through participation in the professionalism activities of the Irish Computer Society.

Recognising that the world is being changed profoundly by new technologies and the digitalisation of industry, and that today’s working conditions and job dynamics are set to change signifiantly, we, ICS CIO Forum members, believe that it is imperative that IT professionalism receives greater focus and priority in Ireland, Europe, and globally.

We note that:

  • A key aspect of fulfilling the digital potential is to ensure that organisations can recruit highly skilled IT talent, so that an exemplary IT workforce can drive Ireland’s digital transformation success;
  • 40% of European enterprises struggle to recruit IT-staff with the right skills, and it is estimated that there will be a lack of 749,000 skilled IT-practitioners* in Europe by 2020;
  • Our modern economy increasingly depends on digital products and services. At the same time, cyber-threats are rising, and they pose considerable risks for society;
  • The IT profession is immature and still lacks status and recognition in society;
  • Employers struggle to define IT job profiles as well as competences, and to provide for appropriate professional development for IT staff;
  • Greater numbers of young people (especially women) should be encouraged to study IT and pursue a career in the IT workforce in all sectors.

We therefore acknowledge the need to develop and mature the IT profession and improve its status in Ireland and the EU, in the context and with the support of major Irish and EU policies, including:

  • The National Skills Strategy 2025 ( )
  • Technology Skills 2022 – Ireland’s Third ICT Skills Action Plan ( )
  • The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (
  • The EU’s Digital Single Market Strategy (2015)
  • The Digital Education Action Plan (2018)

We will work to adopt and implement the valuable work of the European Committee for Standardisation Technical Committee for Digital Competences and ICT Professionalism (CEN TC428) and the Irish Computer Society based on the four pillars of IT professionalism:

  • A foundational body of knowledge
  • A set of standardised IT professionals’ competences
  • A professional scheme of education, certication and training
  • A code of professional ethics.

A Call to Action:

In order to advance IT professionalism in Ireland, we, the ICS CIO Forum members, will:

  • Support the development, adoption and maintenance of the highest standards for the IT profession by 2025;
  • Progressively implement in our organisations the professionalism development supports provided by the Irish Computer Society;
  • Support and contribute where possible to the efforts of the Irish Computer Society to:
    • Foster an open dialogue about IT professionalism and disseminate good practices;
    • Contribute to raising awareness of the attractiveness of a career in IT and the available opportunities;
    • Invite key stakeholders (especially from the demand side) to promote the IT profession and its benefits for society; and encourage policy makers to give IT professionalism a greater priority;
    • Support communities that promote a shared vision of the IT profession at all levels.
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