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Value Stream Management

Your organisation does loads of different work activities such as onboarding, hiring, payments and invoices, budgeting and funding as well as IT tasks. Do you know if what you are doing is effective and efficient? In terms of time, quality, effort, tools, staff or customer impact? Do you always know? By this I mean at the end of every day can you say we created value? This is what Value Stream Management is all about! The visual and collaborative way to engage on how things are done. Interested? Join Daniel Breston’s session where he will give an overview of VSM (Mapping and Management), some tips and answer questions.

Daniel Breston has spent 50 years in IT working his way up from tape librarian to CIO. Along the way he has led or consulted teams with every description in the US, UK and EU. More importantly he became an avid speaker, contributor, and advisor on ITSM, DevOps, lean and management as a blend of practices. Daniel has used Value Stream Mapping and the management of those streams to obtain collaboration amongst managers on what are the issues and how they need to be involved daily to help remove them. Daniel looks forward to your questions!

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16th Sep (Thu)


Begins at 08:30 and ends at 09:30


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