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HISI Member Workshop

At a recent HISI Executive Committee meeting, it was agreed that there is a strong need to develop an up-to-date Vision for HISI along with a workplan and objectives for the next 2-3 years. Such a vision and workplan needs to be cognisant of a range of potential inputs such as national developments and directions in the wider eHealth area; international trends and directions; and most importantly the needs and wishes of our members. To that end we recently issued a survey to elicit such needs and wishes, as well as some other pertinent information. 

The workshop will address the survey findings, and will be organised around the following topics:

  1. Vision / Mission of HISI
  2. Executive and management structure / SIGs;
  3. Communications with membership;
  4. Linkage with other professional bodies and agencies;
  5. Professional Development / Chartered Status / Grades of Membership
  6. Areas of Focus for next 2-3 years (prioritisation);
  7. Annual Scientific Meeting;
  8. Events / Short Meetings / Networking Events / eHealth Awards
  9. Methods to increase membership;
  10. How to achieve continuous engagement with membership

We would strongly urge members to attend this important workshop.

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23rd May (Wed)


Begins at 11:00 and ends at 14:00


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